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There are two ways you can become a student of the Graduate Program in Energy and Sustainability (PPGES):

  1. Regular Student – The selection normally takes place once a year according to a Public Notice of Selection. Applications are usually made during the month of September.
  2. Special Student – In some subjects, vacancies are offered for those who are not yet regular students of the course (Enrollment in a single subject). This list is published before the beginning of each academic quarter. Those interested in taking single courses should follow the instructions for enrolment that are posted on the website before each school quarter. In addition, they should attend the first class of the quarter of the chosen course to talk with the professor (s) of the subject. The courses taken in this modality can be validated in the future if students join as regular students.

More detailed information on how you can become a PPGES student is given below:

 1. Regular Student

According to Title V of the Program Rules/2019, the candidate must meet the following minimum requirements for admission to the Program (Art. 20):

  1. Conclusion of a graduation course in areas related to the concentration of the Post-Graduation Program in Energy and Sustainability;
  2. Presentation of the required documentation within the established deadlines.;

The application for admission to the Program will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Delegated College.

The program will publish a student selection notice establishing the number of vacancies, the deadlines, the form of evaluation, the selection criteria and the required documentation. (Art. 21)

The classes are offered in Portuguese.

Public Calls:

Public Notice – Selection of Candidates 2019 (Closed)

Public Notice – Selection of Candidates 2018 (Closed)

Public Notice – Selection of Candidates 2017 (Closed)

Public Notice – Selection of Candidates 2015 (Closed)

2. Enrollment in a single subject

According to the Minutes of the 3rd Meeting, the following criteria were signed for the enrollment of special students in isolated subjects:

  1. Undergraduate students may be admitted.
  2. Authorization from the subject’s professor will be required for the student to enroll in a single subject;
  3. Maximum number of credits that can be validated in single courses: 18;
  4. Maximum number of credits that can be taken per quarter in single courses: 09;
  5. Maximum number of consecutive quarters in which a student may enroll in a single subject: 06.

Registration periods and online application guidelines will be posted on the program home page before the beginning of each quarter. Applications will not be made for those who do not follow all the procedures and/or miss the deadlines described.

In some quarters there may be no single subject offer for special students.