Visual Identity

Visual Identity


The logo proposal of the Graduate Program in Energy and Sustainability was developed by Alex Sandro Rodrigues Madruga and Marco Escada.

The letter “e” and the font chosen refer to electrons or energy and the “s” of sustainability turning into “8” relates to the idea of ​​infinity.

The purpose of creating a visual identity was to publicize, strengthen and promote the actions carried out by the program.

The PPGES logo should always be used in:

  • dissemination materials of actions promoted by faculty members and students of the program (events, courses, etc.);
  • presentations of papers in events, both in slides and posters;
  • websites of research groups linked to the Program, connecting it to the PPGES website.

According to the UFSC Visual Identity Manual (page 24), other logos used in the institution should always be accompanied by the UFSC logo, which shall be presented first in reading order.


White Background

Dark Background