Identidade Visual

The logo proposal of the GRADUATION PROGRAM IN ENERGY AND SUSTAINABILITY was developed by Alex Sandro Rodrigues Madruga and Marco Escada.

The letter “e” and the source chosen for it refer to the “e” of electrons or energy and the “s” of sustainability becoming “8” that relates the idea of ​​infinity.

The goal of creating a visual identity is to publicize, strengthen and promote the actions carried out by the program.

The PPGES logo should always be used in:

Material for the dissemination of actions promoted by teachers and students of the program (events, courses, etc.)
Presentation of work in events, both in slides and in banners
Search group sites linked to the program, with link to the program page

According to the UFSC Visual Identity Manual (page 24), other logos used in the institution should always be accompanied by the UFSC logo, and the university logo always presented first in reading order.