About the program

Welcome to our program!

The Graduate Program in Energy and Sustainability (PPGES) of the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina started its teaching and research activities in March 2016.

The program is designed to enhance students’ knowledge, skills and abilities to address issues related to energy conversion, transport and consumption, taking into account their technical, economic, social, political and environmental implications.



Program features


Degree: Energy and Sustainability

Level: Master’s

Student profile:

The Master’s Program in Energy and Sustainability prepares students who are interested in academic research and professional practice in the areas of (i) Energy Systems and (ii) Planning and Sustainability in the Energy Sector, with a view to improving the state of the art of these fields.

Objectives and profile of the graduate

The graduate from the Master’s Program in Energy and Sustainability is able to develop scientific, technological and innovation research, as well as teaching and extension activities focused mainly on Energy Systems and on Planning and Sustainability of the Energy Sector. Additionally, the Program seeks to prepare qualified professionals to work in organizations of the energy sector. The graduate is expected to improve their knowledge, skills and competencies related to the conversion, transport and use of different forms of energy, considering their technical, economic, social and environmental implications.

Total credits

Students must complete 24 credits, distributed as follows: 18 credits in courses and 6 credits for the thesis preparation.

Admission process

The selection process for admission to the Program takes place once a year. Available seats: 14 each year.