Energy Systems

The area of ​​concentration in Energy Systems addresses the technical aspects of producing, converting, storing, distributing and using different forms of energy. It aims to train professionals in the development and use of modeling, design, control, simulation and evaluation tools and methods applied to processes, equipment, and other elements that make up the energy systems. The research developed in this area is directed to the best use of energy resources and seeks to increase the efficiency of the processes involved, from the production to the final use of energy.


This area of ​​concentration is divided into two lines of research:


  1. Energy Conversion and Control


Energy conversion research is concerned with thermal, electrical and mechanical energy transformation processes, such as those occurring in gas, steam, solar, wind and fuel cell power systems, or where conversion involves electric machines and similar devices. Research focused on the control of energy conversion processes are related to the development of smart grid control strategies, distributed generation, automation of energy systems, and modeling and control of linear and nonlinear systems.


  1.   Biomass and Biotechnology


Biomass and biotechnology research comprises studies of biomass properties, biotechnological conversion of biomass into fuels, production of biofuels, thermochemical conversion of solids, and eventual applications of products, by-products and waste from conversion.