Admissão de Alunos Especiais

According to the Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting that took place on April 7, 2016, at 2:00 p.m., in room 205 of the Mato Alto Unit of the Araranguá Center – UFSC, the following criteria of approval were signed for the enrollment of special students in isolated disciplines:

It will be necessary the authorization of the teacher of the discipline so that the student can enroll in isolated discipline;
Maximum number of credits that can be validated in isolated disciplines: 18;
Maximum number of credits that can be taken per quarter in isolated subjects: 09;
Maximum number of consecutive quarters in which the student can enroll in an isolated discipline: 06;
Undergraduate students may be admitted

In addition to paying attention to the above procedures should be taken at the time of enrollment:

Photo ID
Graduation Diploma (for those who have completed graduation)
Enrollment certificate (for those who have not yet completed graduation)
Special student enrollment form completed and signed by the teacher of the chosen discipline (s)